We manufacture printed cardboard packaging made from solid board

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Our products in use

Our products are used in the food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries, for packaging household appliances and gardening products. We also make folders and board games from cardboard.




Household appliances packaging

Gardening tools packaging

Board games

Omicron, d.o.o., Domžale

Omicron, d.o.o., Domžale is a small, flexible and agile company that adapts fully to needs and demands of its customers.

In 2004 we bought Novial d.o.o., the main activity of which is the same as that of Omicron d.o.o., but it also has its own trademark under which it has patented different models.

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We care about ecology

We are heating on biomass

We strictly separate waste
(only the cardboard is separated into three different containers)

Our products are made from recycled material

The paints and varnishes we use are water-based

All suppliers are duly certified

We take care of the clean surroundings of the company